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Irrigation Design & Installation

At Taylor Irrigation Service we pride ourselves on designing the best sprinkler system on the market. You may think that sprinklers are sprinklers and that there can’t be much difference between one system and the next but you could not be farther from the truth.

Like anything else there are quality designs and poor designs but the biggest difference between the two is often water consumption. How much water your system uses and how much it wastes is something that you can get stuck paying for, in terms of an inflated water bill, for a very long time. A Taylor irrigation system is not just a sprinkler system but an investment and we aim for a high return on your investment. The technology that we specify in all of our systems, things like smart controllers and high efficiency rotary nozzles, are all aimed at reducing the cost of operation and maintenance while promoting the healthiest landscape possible.

A recent study revealed that the average acre of Texas landscape is over-watered by more than two hundred percent. By conducting water audits however, we have successfully cut water consumption in half on many of our Houston area properties.

Design also plays a role in the overall health and condition of your landscape. Is your landscape investment depending upon a poorly designed system? The recent drought has exposed all of the subpar sprinkler systems in our area. When you see grass browning, yellowing or thinning out, plants wilting and trees dying, these are all signs of a poorly designed irrigation system.

Every TIS system is designed not only to meet but to far exceed both state and local codes and they are all installed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Water Sense” label to show our partnership, certification and commitment to water conservation. Call us today and ask about a design that meets all of your landscape needs while saving you money and conserving water.

   Attention Contractors

Our design services are not limited to home owners and property managers, we are also happy to serve architects, landscapers and other irrigation contractors. Ask us about our various design packages which can include; site surveys, design, pulling permits and as-builts. Most of our designs can easily be fit to whatever scale you need (1/8 scale is our standard) printed on 24” x 36” Architect Type “D” paper (Arch D) and we can even arrange to have your plan conveniently printed, ready and waiting at your local FedEx Office while sending you electronic PDF copies of your files as well.

A quality design is a great start but how your system is installed can also affect your return on investment. Are your pipes below the frost line? Is your backflow device up to code? Was the installation crew licensed? What is the warranty and are you going to spend a fortune by routinely repairing a shoddy installation job? Often times the contractor that sells you a system is not around when your system is installed. At Taylor Irrigation Service, all of our installation foremen are fully licensed rather than operating under someone else’s license. This ensures that every job is a quality job and that the system is designed as per the design.

We do not cut corners and we ensure that your yard has full head to head coverage which eliminates brown spots during the hot summer months. Our systems are installed aesthetically so that it is your landscape on display, not your irrigation system. How often have you seen unsightly pipes rising up out of the beds or heads that pose a hazard because they are higher than the turf?

Many contractors will try to sell you on aftermarket upgrades or they may have a number of different price points for their system installs, such as; economy, standard and top-of-the-line. Taylor Irrigation Service has one price point because we will not put our name on anything less than the best system money can buy.

Only the finest materials are used from manufacturers like; Rain Bird, Hunter and Febco. We pride ourselves on not charging you an arm and a leg for materials. We are not in the business of selling parts, we are in the business of installing them.

Fully licensed and insured, all of our sprinkler systems are backed by a complete one year warranty on parts as well as labor. We even include a twelve month maintenance contract with each and every one of our system installs which means we will be on site taking care of it for the first year at no cost whatsoever to you.

Call today (832) 799-4657 to schedule a free estimate on a system install or to find out what you can do to make your existing system more efficient. We welcome general contractors and home owners associations, commercial and residential clients. We are always more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your new system.

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